Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years since we established, we have received or responded to many questions that have appeared on the Internet about Kamala and her books. When we decided to create this second version of our site, we agreed that it would be good to consolidate our responses here. If you have questions that do not appear on this FAQ, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to answer them.

Q. How did you come to have Kamala's papers?

A. When Kamala passed away, Edward's sister-in-law gave us Kamala's personal possessions, including all the personal papers. At that time, Bonnie Reed Koobatian was still alive and had asked the family for Kamala's things. When we learned this, we suggested that Bonnie's request be granted, and Edward's family sent almost everything to Sacramento. A few years later, Bonnie passed away, and her husband, Haig Koobatian gave Kamala's scrapbooks, her extant journals and her personal correspondence back to us.