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1977 - 3/27


I don't speak of my meditation very much in my diary - but God and Guru are my strength and every thought that sustains me. Now, to say I have been reading of Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya in the A.Y. - especially thinking of and feeling them - so guided.

1964 - 2/20


A Master's kindness (I am here writing the dream as written on a slip of paper - I had last December to include in diary.) Lahiri Mahasaya's only available photograph does not reveal his eyes, although one senses their spiritual radiance. At times, through the years, the wish has come that I could see their expression, it was but a whisper of a thought, yet this morning he granted my wish in a dream. I was in a room with half a dozen people and in a leisurely way we were going to a long table and seating ourselves. Master was there, and Lahiri Mahasaya. I was explaining something to someone near me when I stopped speaking, thinking: ' Why am I talking of non-important things with these two great ones present? Master is here! Lahiri Mahasaya is here! And as I thought this Lahiri Mahasaya turned to look at me. He had the merriest expression, and I received his thought which told me 'I am granting your wish.' As I looked intently, solemnly memorizing his face in full view, he continued to hold my gaze with smiling warmth. In those satisfying moments he seemed to understand my gratitude. He continued to smile and give me all the time I wished to imprint his eyes and their expression indelibly in my memory. I was completely aware, and an inner serenity pervaded me. Then I was again asleep. When I wakened. I thought of the immense kindness of this great Master to fulfill my wish.

1964 - 2/18


In December - Entered in book as ' A Master's Kindness' Lahiri Mahasaya - Because I typed his coming in a dream - I mean typed of my being where he and Master were - I missed entering it in my diary in Dec. 1963. I Have continued to feel his presence and blessing. He is close to me in my thoughts ever since - so dear, so near and so full of merry happy joy.