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1976 - 8/14


Reading Priceless Precepts first chapters - I am deeply satisfied that they convey the keys - the essential points for the devotee to achieve through Master's teaching. The 5 chapters always as essential as 6 and 7 for attainment - and every paragraph of great value to the devotee to understand and apply.

1975 - 6/10


Continue in the peace. Was remembering Master's words - 'We are all heading for His shores.' I always thought of them as - 'in our consciousness' - but thought of Mr. L 's Illness and recalled 'We are all' as we forget the inclusion of everyone.

1975 - 5/19


Spiritual thoughts, especially in after midnight hours. Master's truths are so wonderful, and condensed.

1964 - 2/14


Early morning awoke remembering a natural dear dream with Master. I was long with him. A girl was present, also asking me about his teachings. I was eating, shared a sandwich with her - and was happy beyond words when I offered the rest to Master and he wanted it, ate it, enjoying it. I seemed to know the next day was Sunday and felt I would be with Master and go to services with him. I had a good feeling it was not to be just a brief encounter, but I would stay near him for a long while.