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1963 - 9/22


Babaji's Blessing came the day after this following truth became REALIZED in me. I have known - but it has now become REALIZED - that as long as we want anything from another person that they do not CHOOSE to give, or cannot give - their nature being what it is, in habits, tendencies, idea, etc., - it will bring either unhappiness to our self, or conflict with that one. People give what they desire to give - not necessarily what is right, or obviously a duty, or that is kind, or considerate - or loyal, or anything that consensus would agree is the only 'right' thing. When people do give all that we desire from them, it is their giving. (God's blessing to us) Not because we want. (or need it or that they therefore should do so)To illustrateWe have a 'right' to expect cooperation, honesty, loyalty and integrity in a business partnership. If we do not find it in someone, we must cease expecting, since that one gives just what he can, or choose, or is able in his development. (he may change someday; we cannot force it or hurry it) It is a concept taught in the Gita (desirelessness) and now I REALIZE it, it gives new meaning to the words 'Tolerance' and 'Do not Criticize Others' and - as the Gita said 'Cessation of Desire (any kind) bring peace in it's place.' And 'I accept' Mother's amusing phrase 'Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they shall be satisfied!'