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1963 - 9/19

Oh Thou King of the InfiniteI behold thee in Samadhi In Joy, and in more Joy Babaji came to bless me. I am so filled with this tremendous happening I can not write of it yet. The remembrance is lifting me in joy and gratitude.

1977 - 2/8


Awoke with the Blessing of Inner Joy - Bestowed during my sleep. No recollection - but real - a Peace within the Joy.

1976 - 7/24


In early A.M. of 24th awoke with a great sense of Joy - With Joy within me - Wonderful blessing - Like magic of God.

1956 - 1/9


Tonight a special Blessing: Joy and happiness in my heart, and barriers to omniscience melted! Like a door magically opened. Thank You God and Guru! For both I've longed. How quickly you have given your gifts, in this New Year.

1964 - 2/18


In December - Entered in book as ' A Master's Kindness' Lahiri Mahasaya - Because I typed his coming in a dream - I mean typed of my being where he and Master were - I missed entering it in my diary in Dec. 1963. I Have continued to feel his presence and blessing. He is close to me in my thoughts ever since - so dear, so near and so full of merry happy joy.

1961 - 8/26


Sunday morning meditation. Had a feeling of Cosmic devotion which grew from visualized concept of the devotee being in Love with the Cosmic Director and Producer of the drama of activity - daily role in life - and our return to be alone with him between performances - (meditation) and recollection during activity. But when alone to be so in love that all is forgotten. How unlike one in love to think of anything when with the betrothed. Only love - making - with the Divine - and it is pure joy through devotion that becomes Cosmic. When self and all else is forgotten the light come softly shining!

1959 - 9/29


Awoke with that magic joy I can't describe. First awakening exactly like this in a very long time.

1959 - 11/10


Special dream of Master in it with him technique for growing lighter than air while jumping, consciousness apart from body, expanding and up - so wonderful. Can feel now the same sensation. How dear to give this technique to me - one I will love to use. In thee I live - In thee I move in thy joy - Thy sacred joy.