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1964 - 11/4


This afternoon I fell asleep while reading (rare for me) and was with Master. I was overjoyed to see him. I said 'You are in your body' and 'Let me keep on seeing you.' and I believe it may be he had been in the subtle (Hiranyaloka) and beyond - in the Realm where body was forgotten and now instead of his blessings coming in this spirit 'formless' way only now again, he came 'in form.' There were several of us with him - walking in a suite of hall - like rooms. Sister Mrinalini was there mostly. I did not notice others much. I was close to Master - or sometimes alone with him in a room - my eyes devouring sight of him - the blessing of joyous in me. I woke up from my nap in GREAT inner stillness, joyous. I am so blessed - so great a 'Still' awareness in the Peace of God. Master - your present is still filling me with joy, hours later.

1961 - 7/2


Early July: I had restless mental thoughts real early and prayed for Master's help (couldn't feel uplift) - and asked him for 'spiritual company to remind me,' as he said this is our all - important help. Fell asleep and dreamed Sister Mrinalini was sitting in lotus posture on the bare floor at this cottage, and we were talking of the all - day meditation conducted at times by Daya in India - and she said, afterwards - 'I don't need to go to church on Sundays to feel holiness all the time.' I feel her sweet presence now - after waking. Had not thought of her since June, until my dream. I feel the peace I sought - and uplift within.