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1976 - 8/6


At cabin in Colorado. Today the most perfect day. Breeze wonderful. Need no for sweater - sun - beauty everywhere. Mother left her loved form 34 yrs. ago. I love her so deeply and love the cottage and all here she shared and gave me - through God and Gurus.

1976 - 7/5


'As soon as you know My Beloved and hear His voice in silence, you will know me again more tangibly that you knew me on this Earth.' (Master always turned our thoughts to God.) To be 'Established in God' - in the Silence - 'Where no sound enters.' Today I need to begin to find a withdrawal from all of the mind - motion - to that stillness in God. To apply these days using each precept of Master's here in the blessed peace of the Glen's still beauty. God First. Withdraw from seeing people 'mentally' is my great need - and mind wholly on God. - To Meditate.Later - relaxed in peace of meditation. Not only God alone - But only God. Apart from diversity - to oneness with God - in God. It means lifting up to another level of consciousness. 'Leave All and Follow Me.'

1975 - 7/7


In Colo Spgs. - cottage. Glen so still - silence a blessing - the green expanse is a blessing. So still. So very quiet. I love it this way. Quiet is like a wonderful pool to bathe the weary mind and body in - and be refreshed.

1973 - 9/5


Tonight - deep Kriya - 4th initiation practice - SO BLESSED and peaceful I felt 'at my Guru's lotus feet' then thought through your EYES - I will merge into the Infinite. Great bessings about me in cottage now. I have also such a happy glow about tomorrow. I love Edward and these days are a joy. I think again looking in my guru's eyes. I swim in the Infinite. Such a joyous feeling fills me. It only lessens when I try to analyze it. I feel joyous. Oh my Guru, my Guru, I feel lifted out of the mortal into a spiritual joy - that touches all the mortal daily things. It is a special GRACE from God and Guru.

1973 - 7/8


Peace and beauty everywhere from cottage porch. Palmer Lake, Colorado. I am at the cottage, the deepest peace is everywhere, with me, and outside. Quietness and Divine Blessing. Very special deep peace.