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1977 - 3/27


I don't speak of my meditation very much in my diary - but God and Guru are my strength and every thought that sustains me. Now, to say I have been reading of Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya in the A.Y. - especially thinking of and feeling them - so guided.

1976 - 12/15


Tonight 5 P.M. coming out of the kitchen into living room the air was filled with the sweet fragrance of ROSES. Edward could smell it too. Said is it an astral fragrance? It was. First blessing like this for a long time. So happy. Thanking Master. In 1969 in Mediation I saw Master's picture as living - Light Rays spread out from his hands, out and up - Then formed into a Lotus of Light - Then into a Rose of Light - Then again into streaming Rays of Light. A beautiful vision - consciously seeing it.

1978 - 1/2


Meditating after Edward's return from trip. I forgot to see the Rose Parade in A.M. Glad God was first on the altar of my thoughts. 'Habit Activities' are very strong in our consciousness. God - help me to turn first to thee, as a mother turns to her child - as the treasure of her heart.

1976 - 7/29


In the night meditation, reading and Kriya I read; 'Kriya serves to... enlarge the consciousness to Infinity.' pg 249 AY (to switch currents from 5 sense telephones - to unite mind with divine realms.)

1975 - 3/26


Woke with a spiritual blessing - pervaded me for hours. I had a meditation - and feel the blessing in all things in my life, from Master.

1965 - 6/23


Very early 3 or 4 A.M. I was meditating and golden light filled my inner sight - in beauty too great to describe. If snowflakes (in design) were golden and made of golden light - this was constantly moving golden light - sometimes like masses of clouds, or whirling, or still until suddenly it became the disk of gold - the blue center and the STAR of light - so still then - but in this stillness, it stayed then but a few minutes.