About The Journals


We are devotees, Kriyabans and members of Self Realization Fellowship. The purpose and we hope service of this homage to Kamala isn't to raise her to 'spiritual star' but to show an example to all devotees of the love of God and Master for the Disciple. Each one of us stands in our own special place in Master's heart. God's grace and Love is equal for all. Let Kamala's devotion, love and commitment to God, Guru and Paramgurus open up in you new devotion and dedication to your own daily Sadhana and relationship with God and Master.May God and Master's love shower down on us through Kamala's words, and may peace breathe alive in our consciousness the joy and bliss of God and Guru. With Love for our Beloved, may we receive thy Blessings.

To Master's Own


We have read through Years of Kamala's Journals and have pulled from them mentions of God, Guru, Paramgurus and spiritual blessings.Our wish is that her words will inspire and fire your path to God and Master. The quotations are word for word Kamala's. 

We share these entries in the Love of Master and God. To every Devotee who reads them, may they too share our spiritual sister Kamala's devotion and love. May her blessings become your blessings. May her relationship with Master and God become your stepping stone to your most cherished wish and desire.

Jai Guru