From Kamala's Personal Papers

1974 - 4/4


Saw church inside and loved it! Everything about it. Signed an offer, subject to Mt. W's approval.

1974 - 4/2


Saw a church in Richmond. Could not see inside - it is 11 miles from here.I  think of the bliss of God - of Master; I hear beautiful music, I delight with thankfulness in my blessings.

1974 - 3/23


While beside my altar this morning a most WONDERFUL FRAGRANCE deep and lasting about 5 minutes, which was astral. So happy to have this blessing. Not a fragrance I can place - not floral - or incense - but delightful. I kept inhaling to have more of it to savor.

1973 - 11/14


An expansion of vision with closed eyes. All around and beyond me was beautiful blue - light pervaded - like it would be if underseas in sunshine - but beautiful beyond description. Movement in the water - like colored air - of gossamer like color in small forms - reminding me of tiny ornaments. They were 'of light,' too. It extended all around. When vision left it felt so 'closed in' to see only darkness of usual closed eyes, restricting one to the area near one.

1964 - 2/8


Silence - Stillness Working night and day since November on 2nd printing of book, I was so concerned about my delays in time - to printer, that I felt tension over it. Then I looked, casually , at a calendar beside me - and saw only these words standing out {just for me, then} on the page. 'He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.' It brought indescribable comfort that has continued. Pages went to printer on January 5th (Master's Birthday) - have been in proofs - back for changes - and now - February 8th returned - for printing this week.

1974 - 3/20


12 P.M. 20th 12:30 21st - After midnight Wednesday I couldn't sleep had tension in solar plexus, as I do with INTUITIVE WARNINGS. Asked if it was this or that - finally the new property - ok, house - ok, chapel - then the tension relaxed! I knew that contrary to reason and feelings and enthusiasm, that I should 'drop' the building of a chapel ON THAT Property. I asked Master to tell 'B' some way.

1974 - 3/13


Had a very strong fragrance today for a little while - like NICE incense.

1974 - 1/30


When I see little puppies on T.V. - and soaring birds - Such Beauty - all makes me cry 'Oh God - how wonderful you are!' - Your creation, your creatures are so loving, beautiful and dear that they fill me with LOVE. I now feel the roaring of OM - hear it's blessed sound - love the silence with you, God - and seeing love and beauty in every creature. I long to embrace every one I see. I love each one - so much my heart overflows. The peace and OM fills me.

1974 - 1/13


Memorable date 1st seeing Master 49 years ago today - vision of 4 Masters (Guru and Paramgurus) 2 years ago today. Plus blessing last year on this date.

1974 - 1/24


Cards with Master's picture and his words which just came, a lovely one - for giving SRF members at Mahasamadhi time, Christmas, or any time. (Master looking down from the clouds.)