From Kamala's Personal Papers

1981 - 12/19

Long Meditation with Bernadette. Concern over P's letter to come visit. Would love to see them, but don't know if Master's guidance permits.

1981 - 8/20

All the evening the great peace has filled me and a closeness to God, Guru and Paramgurus.

1981 - 8/11

Today after eating lightly in living room - a pervading peace and quietness and stillness filled me for long and long and I sat without thoughts in that peace - not moving. So wonderful!

1981 - 12/16

Divine healings in meditation in early a.m. of the 16th - 2 to 3 a.m. Soul - yearning for God (I know meaning) of spirit - and woke with back energy - filled in spine - normal health after weakness. Master's Blessing.

1981 - 12/15

Affirmation in meditation was - 'God, please come into the stillness of my Soul,' and I threw out thoughts and only had the yearning for God - deep yearning.

1981 - 10/7

Chant I love! Take possession of my body. Take possession of my thoughts. Take possession of my soul. Make my body omnipresent. Fill my heart with divine love. Let my thoughts reflect thy wisdom. Let my soul shine with thy light.Great new understanding about myself - my attitude in life - and blessedness of feeling God here, always present with me.

1981 - 10/6

Blessing of God's presence in pervading peace - so wonderful - for hours in afternoon.Note: What I called 'Peace' was like being in heaven, cannot describe it otherwise. I didn't want to shout in joy - rather to be still and absolutely contented. A Holy Feeling.

1981 - 9/25

After a day of pain and misery I was suddenly peace-filled and felt God with and in me - and all around me - such great peace. Thought was stilled - it was real silence. Master's song a reality: 'In the Temple of Silence' for silence is God's environment.