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1975 - 7/7


In Colo Spgs. - cottage. Glen so still - silence a blessing - the green expanse is a blessing. So still. So very quiet. I love it this way. Quiet is like a wonderful pool to bathe the weary mind and body in - and be refreshed.

1975 - 3/26


Woke with a spiritual blessing - pervaded me for hours. I had a meditation - and feel the blessing in all things in my life, from Master.

1974 - 12/12


Around 11 P.M. - Feel great overflowing of OM - and hear it. In an OCEAN OF OM and it's blessings - from God and Master. I feel very blessed - and this is so special. I bow in loving reverence to God and Gurus and Christ. A Holy Season.

1974 - 3/23


While beside my altar this morning a most WONDERFUL FRAGRANCE deep and lasting about 5 minutes, which was astral. So happy to have this blessing. Not a fragrance I can place - not floral - or incense - but delightful. I kept inhaling to have more of it to savor.

1974 - 1/13


Memorable date 1st seeing Master 49 years ago today - vision of 4 Masters (Guru and Paramgurus) 2 years ago today. Plus blessing last year on this date.

1956 - 1/9


Tonight a special Blessing: Joy and happiness in my heart, and barriers to omniscience melted! Like a door magically opened. Thank You God and Guru! For both I've longed. How quickly you have given your gifts, in this New Year.

1973 - 7/8


Peace and beauty everywhere from cottage porch. Palmer Lake, Colorado. I am at the cottage, the deepest peace is everywhere, with me, and outside. Quietness and Divine Blessing. Very special deep peace.