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1961 - 7/2


Early July: I had restless mental thoughts real early and prayed for Master's help (couldn't feel uplift) - and asked him for 'spiritual company to remind me,' as he said this is our all - important help. Fell asleep and dreamed Sister Mrinalini was sitting in lotus posture on the bare floor at this cottage, and we were talking of the all - day meditation conducted at times by Daya in India - and she said, afterwards - 'I don't need to go to church on Sundays to feel holiness all the time.' I feel her sweet presence now - after waking. Had not thought of her since June, until my dream. I feel the peace I sought - and uplift within.

1960 - 2/21


Dream of Master. I woke so glad I had been with him. Others were there - including Daya and Mataji - Master gave me two silver crosses, seemingly for cuff - links in a blouse - similar to cross he gave me on a necklace - but I noted they were real silver and when waking the gift part was not important - but my Guru's presence gave me uplift I have needed - Have so loved the being with him.

1960 - 11/24


Thanksgiving. Awoke this morning recalling a clear dream of being with Daya. Sitting in lotus - on floor, with some object in hand we both discussed - spiritual in import - I sensed about her great tranquility - A lightness of being I liked - and thought after waking of her being 'Within a Pool of Tranquility.'