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1977 - 12/29


I read all of 'Silence' in Master's Metaphysical Meditations. It was helpful to my night (around 4 A.M.) meditation. 'Love the inactivity of Silence' - That is the state of consciousness that brought me divine realizations through Grace of God and Master. Life develop habits of actions in thought and deeds that make busy-ness seem either interesting or important. One must be in or return to [the state] where we love the inactivity of Silence!

1976 - 1/12


The tremendous blessings of yesterday morning meditations not repeated today - even with the same effort and devotion. The Grace is that - and one must keep on and it comes when God, Guru and Paramgurus will it - or perhaps bestow their Grace.

1973 - 9/5


Tonight - deep Kriya - 4th initiation practice - SO BLESSED and peaceful I felt 'at my Guru's lotus feet' then thought through your EYES - I will merge into the Infinite. Great bessings about me in cottage now. I have also such a happy glow about tomorrow. I love Edward and these days are a joy. I think again looking in my guru's eyes. I swim in the Infinite. Such a joyous feeling fills me. It only lessens when I try to analyze it. I feel joyous. Oh my Guru, my Guru, I feel lifted out of the mortal into a spiritual joy - that touches all the mortal daily things. It is a special GRACE from God and Guru.