From the Later Journals

1977 - 4/14


Nicest time to come into room to sweet astral gardenia fragrance. I called Edward to come in. He spoke of it at once. A Blessing - Thank You Master.

1977 - 3/29


Long thoughts remembering the wonder of Babaji's presence three times - when I was aware. Tremendous blessings twice, and seeing him close by me the third time. Long in presence of him - with L.M., S.Y. and Master - all. Once beside me, bestowing holy vibrations through me.

1976 - 9/25


"'The world is too much with us, early and late.' Especially for ones who are older. Many scenes and dramas to recall. Not the 'earth' or the beauties of God's creation. But the drama of people we know and ourselves. We should be drawn from God - Consciousness to our daily life. Not from absorption in things - needing to pull up to God awareness.'Stillness within, alone with God.'**Meaning we dwell in 'things' not in God and so need effort to go to God. Should need effort to get involved in 'things! 'Should find it hard to turn from God. "

1977 - 2/20


I read about the Lama's flight into Cosmic Consciousness from 'Priceless Precepts' and she was deeply moved by it, understanding the spiritual and mystical depths of the words. (Mrs. Rappold)

1977 - 2/8


Awoke with the Blessing of Inner Joy - Bestowed during my sleep. No recollection - but real - a Peace within the Joy.

1977 - 1/29


I recall the time Edward and I visited Master and my bursting into tears as I walked near him with Edward by me. - The impact of his holy presence after being away from him. It was a sudden unexpected eruption, without any thought in my mind - only emotion of deep feeling.

1977 - 1/26


I often wonder how we can remember loved ones, and yet forget painful events. I hope we can!

1977 - 1/1


A.Y. Sri Yukteswar: 'The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery.' p.246 My Prayer: I sail with God in the Infinite sea - Into a sea of light. (In infinity - in eternity, - merging in the formless essence of spirit)Sometimes I pray: I sail on a sea of mystic light - into the infinite sea. I sail on the still blue cosmic sea, into a star of light.In omnipresence - light above, beneath, left, right, everywhere in formless spirit - in infinite bliss of God.bMaster - I bow to you - in reverence. May we walk with you - and follow your guidance.