From the Later Journals

1977 - 10/19

I seek deeper spiritual goals, needing a stilling of breath and visual 'form' into light. The OM is a blessing.

1977 - 10/9

I relive that wondrous blessing - of late on the 6th - of the wisdom and clear answers - and the healing, of course, of problems. All in the blessed still dark place of Infinite and prefect oneness, with happiness and being - with no awareness of any form. It was causal - only of ideas. Then into here with perfect joy filling me so I couldn't feel sad. Nothing could reach into and touch the joy state that I was in. (the causal realm and my consciousness)

1977 - 10/6

I had a beautiful experience tonight late. Was withdrawn from all awareness of room (into a dark wonderful silence) body, everything - to a place where I knew only deepest peace and contentment and had answers to my problem of 2 persons - like a miracle in wisdom conveyed, and all my resisting melted away and I perceived the answers so clearly. Then returned to body, room, etc. into a state of Divine Joy.

1977 - 11/11

In peaceful meditation - this day is a blessed one - the OM, and relaxed day, 'loaf and invite your soul' kind. Rain in p.m.

1977 - 12/4

' I heard a bird sing in the month of December - It was a magical thing and sweet to remember.'

1977 - 11/12

In meditation I had vision of Christ at a distance, immersed in light - my eyes filled with tears of devotion - so beautiful!

1977 - 2/27

I think of God nearly every waking moment - I feel awe and worship of our Creator for his beautiful creation - such beauty the mind can not begin to grasp the wonder of it all. - O God Beautiful!

1977 - 3/7

Master's Mahasamadhi 25 yrs.Master - please accept the beautiful white camellias to express my deep love and devotion. Please bless me and bless Edward. Keep us in God's light.