1962 - 8/28

Asleep between 10 and 1p.m. today and was with Daya and Mataji. They came to see me. Daya showed me a christmas evergreen she brought for the house. When alone with her she greeted me with a loving embrace and kiss which was a spiritual blessing. A holy vibration pervaded me - of her own holiness. The True import was the uplift-ment which was present as I wakened. I sat up to meditate at once - immersed in a Divine Glow and withdrawn from outer things - consciousness expanded, to feel the radiance about me - not aware of body. I felt as Daya looks in so many pictures - absorbed in inner beatitude. It was imparted from her to me. The Light glowed without effort to see it. How wonderful the feeling in Spirit! A Blessing I needed - was 'Conscious in Dream.'