1962 - 10/3

On early morning on the 3rd - A large gathering - where Master was present. I greeted him and a I left to walk by many who were seated I saw Sister Daya. I thought how Divine her nature. Passing before her I felt a wish to draw close to her as she welcomed me I leaned my cheek against her and then this great experience - upon touching her. I shot - precipitated with a great upsurge - through the top of my head. All of me was sucked - pulled - drawn out of the top of my head leaving the body untenanted. Whether only physical, or astral body too, I do not know - but I could feel the going through my head - as one can feel a tight garment being pulled from it. It took all of me with a 'whoosh' into the vast heavens, and I went on and on and on - so wonderful a freedom. The universe was as at night - starlit - stars and moonlight. As I went on hundreds of miles I began to wonder 'Am I going to go on now - to die to the physical body?' It was a wonderful feeling to be zooming on and on - and then it seemed to be darker to my sight. Thinking it a test of God - I said 'God, I want to be wherever you want me.' Meaning that even if I did not like the dark I would be there gladly if God willed - But as if in reply - instantly I was back in my body - in my room. But the immense feeling continued - of vastness - not confined to the body. In fact I could not feel my body for many minutes except the breath, which was very deep. Oh this feeling of spirit in movement - in freedom - is so wonderful. It was not a dream for I was consciously thinking as it took place. At the gathering I had seen F-------- just entering the door of the hall, gathering place - then spoke to them - then left to see Master - afterwards Daya. The previous evening I had been reading as article about her (Daya) in 'Mother' - a magazine, and knew inwardly her spiritual stature. I felt it and thought deeply of this.